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Wrightsville ElementaryLEED Silver

Wrightsville, PA

Additions and Renovations
51,000 sf New 20,300 sf Renovations
525 Students Grades K-5

This School District knew it wanted a Green School but originally envisioned a brand-new building next to its pre-Civil War era downtown. The Board wanted a building to harmonize with its neighborhood and, with a limited budget, wanted to deploy technologies with the highest payback.

The idea of a renovation grew out of Hayes Large’s Shared Design Process. Discussions with teachers found sentiment for saving the existing classroom wing, which was spacious and had ample daylight.

Innovations include an enthalpy (heat recovery) wheel; high-albedo roof; fabric ducts, low-VOC and high recycled-content materials, and an educational touch-screen lobby kiosk. “Freebies” include day-lighting, ventilation and shaded outdoor walks and paving.

Construction costs were 6% lower than average for Pennsylvania that year and about 5% higher than comparable non-LEED construction. Energy and water consumption have been reduced by approximately 30% per square foot from original levels.