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Myers Elementary LEED Silver

Cheltenham, PA

Additions and Renovations
14,041 sf New 54,350 sf Renovations
500 Students Grades K-4

This 1922 school had been “asleep” since 1970, when renovations closed most windows. Besides re-admitting daylight and views, the Cheltenham School Board needed its 4-story building to better address special-needs students. The Hayes Large Shared Design Process included staff surveys, meetings and a design workshop to ensure Ed Spec conformance with curriculum. Along with classroom and infrastructure improvements, the school received new elevators and other accessibility upgrades. A gym addition achieves District parity by permitting dedicated multipurpose and dining spaces.

To aid in energy savings, the Board pursued LEED certification. Although the site tested unsuitable for geothermal, a high-performance HVAC system maximizes natural ventilation. That, and extensive use of local, recycled and non-toxic materials, contributes to LEED Silver status.

Safety upgrades include a child-safe zone: play area not crossed by vehicles; separate service, bus and parent traffic; and a new secure vestibule.